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InterWeave Smart Solutions – I would give them a 10 out of 5

Randy Carter says:

Outbox Systems is a Salesforce Consulting Partner and we are well versed in Cloud Services: Salesforce Pros, Workfront Experts, Integration Gurus and Cloud Advisors. When we reviewed the Salesforce_QuickBooks requirements of our new customer – we know we needed to bring in the professionals. I contacted InterWeave and in days we were supplied with the tools and approach to get the job done. The 7 Steps document, the Salesforce_QuickBooks Survey, the Connection installation document, the Salesforce_QuickBooks Project and more – gave me what I needed to understand the architecture and data integration relationship with these Solutions. But, what I really liked was the extensive knowledge that is on tap with this company. Any question, any time, answered with thought and knowledge. I would give them a 10 out of 5.

Intrducting the InterWeave Smart eMail Gateway – integrate with unlimited email providers –

Smart Gateways are powerful Solutions that facilitate enterprise wide information integration of data via access to heterogeneous data sources residing on heterogeneous platforms at distributed locations. Gateways integrate various data sources and create the right data, in the right place, in the right format, at the right time — for the right application.

Key Attributes – InterWeave Smart eMail Gateway (ISEG)

A key attribute of a gateway is the ability to provide many levels of integration. In addition a gateway provides:

  • Integrate multiple email providers – The list on the right is only a partial listing of the email providers we work with.
  • Multiple email protocol integration -POP, IMAP, NNTP, ESMT. MAPI, OWA – we integrate with quite a few.
  • Automated email provider selection – eMail provider selection is automated in the InterWeave Smart Solutions Portal. Make your selections, configure the detail—and your done.
  • Continuous, real-time integrations – the InterWeave Smart eMail Gateway is running 24/7—all emails are integrated in real-time.

Our eMail Gateway makes multiple email integration easy, by automating the transfer of data between your multiple email accounts and your standardized email, ecommerce store, financial accounting system, CRM, database, etc. We work with multiple email protocols, allowing a large selection of email providers available for integration. The eMail Gateway synchronizes with interval timings set by you— its completely automated.

Featured eMail’s include:

Below are just some of the eMail’s that have been integrated. Don’t see the one below that you need? Just ask.

MS Outlook
Lotus Notes
Yahoo! Mail
AOL Mail
Windows Live Hotmail
O2 Webmail
GMX Mail, etc.

To learn more about how the ISEG can support your particular business, please contact us at 203 274 5226, email or go to