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All QuickBooks Integration Solution with Salesforce through InterWeave Smart Solutions – reviewed by Sam Tang, Paragon Security NYC

Sam Tang says:

We’re a small Locksmith and Security company for which I am Accounts Receivable and Systems Admin. Integration between Salesforce and QuickBooks supports the majority of my responsibilities and if InterWeave isn’t working I can’t work. That said, I love InterWeave and their team. The systems are very reliable and if there is any troubleshooting necessary the support articles in place are excellent resources to utilize. The staff is fantastic; Alex and Dmytro are great to work with and take a lot of time to help me understand what’s happening or resolve situations. They’re great about coming up with ways for us to grow our systems and processes. Bruce is also wonderful; highly responsive and incredibly helpful.

Overall 5 out of 5

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Announcing Oracle Sales Cloud to Sage Accounting SMART Solution is now available.

InterWeave SMART Solutions deliver powerful, yet easy-to-use, configurable, integration Solutions for Oracle Sales Cloud customers, allowing seamless integration of data, uni or bi-directional from Oracle Sales Cloud to all Sage (MAS) Accounting Applications.

Announcing Oracle Sales Cloud to Quickbooks SMART Solution is now available.

InterWeave SMART Solutions deliver powerful, yet easy-to-use, configurable, integration Solutions for Oracle Sales Cloud customers, allowing seamless integration of data, uni or bi-directional from Oracle Sales Cloud to QuickBooks.

InterWeave Smart Solutions – Configurable QuickBooks Integration Solution for Salesforce

Interfaces are hard, and they are the hardest when there is incredibly custom processes in place with lots of “well, I forgot about this one customer that does things differently” types of conversations. It took some time for us to get the interface live because the various ways that we handle our customers’ needs is a valuable differentiation from our competitors – but makes connecting 2 systems quite challenging. The InterWeave engineers, led by Dmytro, were clever problem solvers and achieved a connection between QB Online and Salesforce for billing that has saved us the expense of 1 full time team member manually creating the bills! There are some limitations to what the online version of QB offers, but Dmytro and his team helped to come up with solutions around the limitations. If you choose to go with these guys, let them help you take away “grunt work” of entering things into 2 systems. Unless your business is really straightforward, it may take some time to work through all of the nuances, but you can’t argue with saving the labor cost of an entire team member – and that’s only our first phase of billing! We have future phases that we will continue with InterWeave, and we will only continue to become more and more efficient.

Angela Hoskins
The In-Store Merchandising Experts

Our Partner, Talent Rover, is on a world-wide deployment

Talent Rover Launches Offices in Australia and Japan to Meet Industry Demands


Talent Rover, the global leader in cloud-based recruiting and staffing software, today announced the opening of two new Asia-Pacific locations, Sydney, Australia and Tokyo, Japan. These two new sales and operations centers will serve staffing and recruitment firms throughout the region. With offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong, India, Australia and Japan Talent Rover now offers a local presence in numerous highly competitive staffing markets.

InterWeave Customer Payment Portal will be available shortly

InterWeave Smart Solutions announces the availability of the Customer Payment Portal.

You can now combine your Payment Gateway with your own Payment Portal where customers can register, review their outstanding charges and process their payments in the Portal in real-time. Customer Portal Registration is integrated with your CRM, as is creation of the Opportunity – which then creates a Sales Receipt in your Financial Accounting System. More information coming shortly.

Marc Soloway – InterWeave is the ONLY solution to integrate salesforce and Quickbooks

InterWeave is the ONLY solution to integrate salesforce and Quickbooks. We run a baby products business since its inception in January of 2013. We were referred to InterWeave through our salesforce consultant, MK Partners as the company to use to integrate Salesforce with Quickbooks. We could not be more happy with that referral.

From the beginning, InterWeave worked with our consultant and us to make the integration go smoothly. The team we worked with at InterWeave are extremely knowledgeable and very patient with clients and their learning curve to be taught how it all works. In actuality, it is very simple and that is because of how good they are.

Just recently, we upgraded to the latest version of Quickbooks and I did not realize that I needed to let InterWeave know. After I realized Quickbooks was not recording transactions, I contacted InterWeave and they had it linked back up within hours as well as was able to add in the transactions that were not recorded. This was a mistake I made and they still jumped to get it done. It is very rare you find companies that would do that for a mistake they make, let alone a mistake not caused by them.

I would HIGHLY recommend InterWeave! Please contact me if you are interested in using them.

iOffice for Oracle Sales Cloud – Magento, ACH/CC Payment Gateway, Oracle and QuickBooks integration

iOffice, by InterWeave Smart Solutions. The most comprehensive Quote, Order, Payment and Inventory Solution for your CRM today. iOffce provides complete Quote, Order, Payment and Inventory status within your Oracle Sales Cloud with eCommerce Solutions like Magento, ACH/CC Payment applications like and seamless integration with your Financial Accounting applications like QuickBooks, Sage, MS Dynamics, Oracle and more. In addition, Payments applied can be real-time, scheduled or recurring mode. iOffice provides automated Quoted and Order Management within your Oracle Sales Cloud; you now have complete Order Process, updated every 10 seconds.

iOffice is now a Featured Application in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

For more information, please visit


Bruce Magown
Phone: 800-671-8692 x101
Fax: 801-439-3476

We are pleased with the integration that InterWeave did for us for MAS 90 with Sales Force.

Hi Rob,

I’m currently out of the country, I’m attending a trade show in Spain, i’ll return to the states on the 11th. We are pleased with the integration that InterWeave  did for us for MAS 90 with Sales Force. InterWeave had a big challenge and they succeeded,




Salesforce for small businesses gets thumbs up from one small biz

Date: Dec 03, 2013

SAN FRANCISCO — No one can argue that small businesses have it easy. With smaller bankrolls than some of their larger competitors, anything that can help them operate on a budget is seen as a blessing. With Salesforce for small businesses, easy fixes apps can mean big changes in day-to-day life within the company.


School of Rock hums with help from Salesforce apps

Salesforce app fixes network problems

We caught up with James Christy, vice president of business development at Postali LLC, a small legal advertising firm in Columbus, Ohio, at Dreamforce 13 to talk about how he benefitted from attending the conference and what he found most valuable during his time there.

Christy said that he and his co-workers wanted to look into matters that often get overlooked in time-crunched small businesses and discussed goals for his company that include streamlining their processes, adopting marketing automation and picking up other how-to tips.

“Hearing about how many apps, add-ons and new technologies are available every day is inspiring,” he said, adding that he and his colleagues look forward to trying out the Salesforce apps and seeing how they can be used.