QuickBooks changes and enhancements for 2019: Making things easier for non-accountants and non-IT users

From our QuickBooks Hosting Partner Cooper Mann, QuickBooks changes and enhancements for 2019.

Intuit QuickBooks has been the standard of small business bookkeeping for many years. The number and depth of QuickBooks advisors, consultants, developers and service providers is unmatched in the market. Yet Intuit was able to establish a QuickBooks foothold in the market based on a couple of fairly unintuitive elements, such as leveraging highly unconventional sales channels for accounting software and promoting a bookkeeping tool for people who do not know business bookkeeping.

Today, Intuit continues to leverage a variety of innovative sales channels, such as through payment solution providers like Square (sales data from Square is now available for Mac with QB 2019), and to offer features to support the non-accountant in all of us.

Here is a shortlist of the changes and enhancements for QuickBooks 2019 desktop editions. Some of these items may not apply to everyone or every edition, such as the purchase order or sales order process enhancements available to Enterprise Platinum level subscribers. Others, like changes to QuickBooks installation and update processes, will apply to just about everyone.

Read the rest of the article here – https://coopermann.com/2018/10/03/quickbooks-changes-and-enhancements-for-2019-making-things-easier-for-non-accountants-and-non-it-users/

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