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InterWeave Smart Solutions Support – This is how it’s done.

From: Dustin Mayfield []
Sent: January-11-18 8:23 PM
Subject: Saratech – Thank you for your support

Alexander and Dmytro,

I am the IT manager of Saratech and wanted to express my thanks for your phenomenal support over this last year. I think it goes without saying you have gone above and beyond to quickly respond to our issues and do your best to get it solved. Despite our frustrations with some of our issues, you both have won us as a customer for life.

I’m not sure where we stand with our current problems, but I have heard nothing but praise from my team and finance about how helpful and patient you have been throughout the last year. I know we picked the right vendor for this function of our business and I hope we have not caused too much headaches on your end.

Best Regards,
Dustin Mayfield
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