I have been an InterWeave Smart Solutions Customer since July 1, 2007

InterWeave has been supporting my company since July, 2007, and we renew every year. Integration between my Salesforce and my QuickBooks is paramount; it’s a basic building block in the running of my company.

My company specializes in providing “turn over” services for rental units, apartment complexes, residential communities and property management companies. I currently have 1285 “Accounts” in SF and we average 600 to 700 “Opportunities” (service calls) a month, from which the same number of invoices must be generated, delivering over 1000 “Products” (services) utilizing our 8 employees as well as 20 to 30 subcontractors. We are not a ‘sales’ organization tracking ‘potential’ buyers. Our business depends upon our ability to schedule all kinds of work for many customers a day and produce reports for our workers to go out to do that work then report what they have actually done, and lastly to turn all of that data into invoices and account for all the money to be received.

InterWeave is a work of art and a joy to use. Both the Development team and Customer Support team are patience, professional and have the ability to listen and deliver! The CEO, Bruce Magown, stays involved throughout the process; unprecedented for a Solutions company that I have ever dealt with before.

They are a 5 Star Company.

Jane Gyorgy

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