To Every One at TrappOnline and InterWeave Smart Solutions:

A big thank you to all who worked so hard and did such a fabulous job! It appears as if all is moved, working properly, and the dust has settled (this customer just moved to our new Premium Combined Server Solution). 

Your two companies, and it is truly your people within your companies, are the two best companies I have worked with in my 30.5 years working with computer hardware, software and tech support. 

After working with InterWeave for eight years, and Trapp the last two years, I have nothing but compliments to say about your companies. I have been singing praises about both of your companies to anyone who asks anything about how we coordinate CRM and Accounting, doesn’t know about servers, and how your companies make it possible to conduct business from anywhere at anytime. Most importantly, I remind people that tech support is key, bad things will happen and your responsiveness, promptness, and ability to resolve all issues is stellar!

Thank you for your excellent, intelligent, and gracious work!


Jane R. Gyorgy
VP DeepVac Inc.
7359 Oakmont Dr
Santa Rosa, CA  95409-6348

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