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InterWeave Smart Solutions announces the Premium Combined Server Solution for its CRM to Financial Systems Customers

InterWeave is introducing a new advanced setup for our customers – the Premium Combined Server (PCS) which will incorporate your InterWeave Solution on your server your hosting partners server.

What is PCS?

It is an additional (InterWeave) component set on your server, located right next to your financial systems company file. No action from your side is required – InterWeave will do all setup and configuring. Benefits are:

  1. Maximum possible performance – no interference with other customers and local QB connectivity.
  2. Maximum reliability of QB Connection and QB data processing – no http or socket failures.
  3. Increased security (no transfer of QB Data over the wire – it is better than secure transfer)
  4. More “live” Integration: interval between flow runs be decreased – no competition from other community server members

For more information, contact or 800-671-8692 x 1 for more information.