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Working with the InterWeave Team – Very knowledgeable and helpful

I worked with Bruce on a number of occasions through webinar to explore using InterWeave to connect our Salesforce Instance with Quickbooks. Bruce spent a great deal of time walking me through the product and even initiated a webinar with his technical developer staff member to look specifically at my Salesforce instance and the unique challenges and requirements we face. I work for a small non-profit and Bruce very generously altered his regular pricing to meet our small budget. In the end, I did not end up contracting with him, but it had nothing to do with InterWeave. Our executive team decided to go in a completely different direction with our integration. My experience with Interweave up until that decision was made was so positive that I wanted to leave a review anyway. As a result, I can’t actually comment on the finished customized product, but I have no doubt that it would have been a great solution.

Kurtis Donnelly, Young Audiences of America