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“InterWeave cuts my workload by one third. Their Salesforce/QuickBooks integration has made it possible for FRB to continue to grow and take in more funds without worrying about how to process it all.”

With limited resources, Foods Resource Bank (FRB) relies heavily on volunteers and part-time employees to achieve its mission of raising money to help people in developing countries grow their own food. Greater operational efficiency means they can do more.

“Four years ago we were using a cumbersome accounting program which couldn’t track contacts or donations from overseas,” stated Lori O’Neil, financial coordinator. “We needed a more robust solution.”

Salesforce/QuickBooks Integration

FRB started looking at QuickBooks and Salesforce but realized they needed integration between the two programs to avoid duplicate data entry. “I wanted to input in one place and have it seamlessly appear in another,” stated O’Neil. “Someone I spoke to about Salesforce recommended InterWeave as a reliable integration solution.”

O’Neil contacted Bruce Magown, CEO at InterWeave. “He certainly knew what he was talking about and how to get it done,” stated O’Neil. “The cost seemed exceptionally reasonable and I trusted the recommendation.”

The implementation was simple and easy. “I gave them access to Salesforce and QuickBooks to map the fields,” explained O’Neil. “It was a quick and painless process for InterWeave to make it operational. I didn’t do anything.”

The InterWeave integration runs smoothly at regular intervals to transfer new contacts and donations. “It continues to not take my time,” stated O’Neil. “Bruce has a very confident staff, but I can easily run it on my own.”

In 2013, with a recommendation from InterWeave, FRB switched their QuickBooks hosting to Trapp Online.  Processing is more reliable and faster, and they save $3,000 per year on hosting “That’s a lot of money for FRB,” stated O’Neil.”

Responsive Support

Support is excellent and fast. “If you do need them the response is fairly immediate,” explained O’Neil. And, they certainly know their job.” InterWeave’s CEO is also quite accessible. “Bruce is very professional and responsive!” continued O’Neil. “I get an immediate response from him, all the time.”

Saves 5-8 Hours per Week

O’Neil does the majority of the work for FRB at home in the evenings and on weekends. “I spend one quarter to one third of my time inputting donations,” stated O’Neil. “Without InterWeave that time would double, adding 5-8 hours per week. I don’t have that much time!”

Efficiency and Confidence

The vast majority of FRB’s donations are received from mid-November to mid-January. “I couldn’t imagine how we’d be able to handle the workload without InterWeave unless we hired more staff,” related O’Neil. “That’s not what we need. Every dollar we save on operations can be spent on supporting people growing their own food.”

O’Neil processes an increasing number of donations with maximum efficiency. “There are days I can get a huge amount of donations,” explained O’Neil. “Once it gets into Salesforce I know it’s taken care of.”

“I grew up in this town. I still come back because what FRB does is worth my time,” summarized O’Neil. “Without InterWeave I wouldn’t be able to help them.”

Lori O’Neil, Financial Coordinator, Foods Resource Bank