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Marc Soloway – InterWeave is the ONLY solution to integrate salesforce and Quickbooks

InterWeave is the ONLY solution to integrate salesforce and Quickbooks. We run a baby products business since its inception in January of 2013. We were referred to InterWeave through our salesforce consultant, MK Partners as the company to use to integrate Salesforce with Quickbooks. We could not be more happy with that referral.

From the beginning, InterWeave worked with our consultant and us to make the integration go smoothly. The team we worked with at InterWeave are extremely knowledgeable and very patient with clients and their learning curve to be taught how it all works. In actuality, it is very simple and that is because of how good they are.

Just recently, we upgraded to the latest version of Quickbooks and I did not realize that I needed to let InterWeave know. After I realized Quickbooks was not recording transactions, I contacted InterWeave and they had it linked back up within hours as well as was able to add in the transactions that were not recorded. This was a mistake I made and they still jumped to get it done. It is very rare you find companies that would do that for a mistake they make, let alone a mistake not caused by them.

I would HIGHLY recommend InterWeave! Please contact me if you are interested in using them.

InterWeave Smart Solutions – Multiple Sleep Windows for QuickBooks Solutions now Supported

InterWeave is proud to announce special (extended sleep) modes for running QuickBooks scheduled flows. New features include:

  1. Multiple sleep windows are now supported.
  2. Every flow run happens at exact time even if some flow runs are longer than interval between runs (in that case some overlapped runs will be skipped).
  3. Flow run is limited by 1 hour.

The special extended sleep mode allows customers who are running other integration Solutions with their QuickBooks to set specific times when their InterWeave QuickBooks Solution will be running over a 24 hour time period. InterWeave = No conflict with other Solutions.

A first in the industry.