InterWeave Smart Solutions and Talent Rover – partnering up.

Talent Rover is a “software as a service” (SaaS) company that modernizes the staffing and recruitment industry. A combined thirty years of experience by founders Kent Gray and Brandon Metcalf created a perfect opportunity to build a solution from the ground up.  The goal was simple: address the pain points long suffered by staffing and recruiting professionals and build an efficient, more flexible, highly adaptable, completely integrated solution. After being on more than a dozen systems in eleven years, it was time to build a compelling solution for the entire market.  It was clear no one had leveraged the dramatic innovation in business software on behalf of the staffing and recruiting industry.

The result: Talent Rover, an intuitive, fully integrated cloud-based software solution created by successful leaders from the staffing and recruiting industry. It utilizes the premier platform, the industry leader in cloud technology.  Talent Rover is a unique offering dedicated to staffing and recruiting professionals that integrates applicant tracking, mobile, social media, customer relationship management, human resource and benefits management, online timesheets and expenses, gross profits and accounting software integration. Through robust analytics and forecasting capabilities found with Talent Rover, customers are able to easily and quickly understand their data to make informed decisions and grow their businesses.

We aim to become the gold standard in customer service, developing features and functionality that will surpass customer expectations and modernize the marketplace. To that end, Talent Rover is a company that almost exclusively hires from the staffing and recruitment industry – it is critical to our vision that each employee implicitly understands the pain points from having spent time “on the desk” as well as each clients’ specific methodology. To date our success has far exceeded our expectations.

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And, oh yes – now integrated by InterWeave Smart Solutions.


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