InterWeave Smart Solutions announces Pre-Configured Salesforce_QuickBooks Solutions

InterWeave Smart Solutions is pleased to announce Pre-Configured Salesforce_QuickBooks Solutions for our small to mid-sized companies. In addition to our fully configurable models which have been available for the past eight years, InterWeave Pre-Configured Solutions include both Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable features which are ready to go; you select the exact Accounts Receivable and Payable components you need. Available Solutions include:

Accounts Receivable

  • Basic Accounts Receivable
  • Basic Accounts Receivable + Sales Orders
  • Basic Accounts Receivable + Jobs + Quotes
  • Basic Accounts Receivable + Sales Receipts + Payments
  • Basic Accounts Receivable + Invoices +Payments + Credit Memos
  • Basic Accounts Receivable + Sales Orders + Quotes

Accounts Payable

  • Basic Accounts Payable + Single Purchase Order
  • Basic Accounts Payable + Multiple Purchase Orders
  • Basic Accounts Payable + Bills

Setup & Support

Basic Setup and Support are included, but you have additional options like Custom Solution Development, support for Multiple QB files, Bulk Loading records from prior years, ACH/CC  Payment Gateways, eComerce and Database Gateways  and much more with our fully featured models. There are a few other Integration Solutions out there but none provide the level of configuration and flexibility InterWeave Smart Solutions provide.

Why InterWeave Saleforce_QuickBooks Solutions is the best

“We are very excited to be able to offer Pre-Configured Salesforce_QuickBooks Solutions to our new and existing Salesforce clients,” said Bruce Magown, founder and CEO of InterWeave Smart Solutions. “Adding Pre-Configured Solutions to our other fully configurable Solutions gives InterWeave customers the opportunity to select the model that supports their business process and workflow and is operational in a very short time period.” said Magown.

How It Works

InterWeave’s new Pre-Configured Integration Solutions provide a bi-directional synchronization between your Salesforce and QuickBooks that allows end users the opportunity to see their QuickBooks data in Salesforce, and Salesforce users can create the corollary transactions in QuickBooks, eliminating double entry and giving salespeople direct visibility into their Accounts financial status. Users have the ability to choose uni or bi-directional synchronization object level; Items in QuickBooks can be a Master over Products in Salesforce, and Accounts in Salesforce can be Master over Customers in QuickBooks. Synchronization time intervals are set by you, dictating how frequently the sync occurs at object level.

For more Information

There are a variety of InterWeave Smart Solutions available; from CRM, Financial, ERP, eCommerce, Billing, ACH/CC and more. Contact us at 203 274 5226, email or go to

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