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InterWeave Smart Solutions iOffice Now Available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace

New York, New York – September 24, 2013

News Facts

  • InterWeave Smart Solutions,a leading provider of Quote, Order, Payment and Inventory Management for the Oracle Sales Cloud, today announced that the company’s real time Quote, Order, Payment and Inventory Management solution, iOffice,  is now available in the new Oracle Cloud Marketplace.
  • The Oracle Cloud Marketplace is a global marketplace where partners can publish applications and customers can browse through and discover new solutions that extend Oracle Cloud SaaS applications to address their business needs.
  • InterWeave Smart Solutions are now able to leverage the Oracle Cloud Marketplace to reach Oracle’s customer base and a larger market, grow their business, and extend their success in the cloud.
  • The Oracle Cloud Marketplace helps Oracle Cloud customers review granular details of InterWeave Smart Solutions’ iOffice , including user ratings and reviews.

Key Features include:

  • Create Quotes from Accounts and Opportunities with just one click that presents a professional image to your prospective customers
  • Access and Control your Quotes and Invoices with numerous filters allowing you to sort and organize by unlimited fields or object
  • eSignatures allow you to capture a customer’s acceptance quickly and easily via a secure URL

Supporting Quote

“iOffice provides a complete Quote, Order, applied Payment and Inventory status within Oracle Sales Cloud ,” said Bruce Magown, CEO.  “InterWeave Smart Solutions’ participation in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace further extends our reach into the Oracle community and enables customers to easily reap the benefits of InterWeave Smart Solutions iOffice. We look forward to leveraging the power of the Oracle Cloud to help us achieve our business goals.” 

About InterWeave Smart Solutions.

InterWeave Smart Solutions is a pioneer in the development of Smart Solutions for uniting systems, legacy applications, databases, workflows, and Web services, from within and across the enterprise as a service; and then extends those systems to connect with their suppliers and customers. As a leading Systems Integration solution, InterWeave Smart Solutions offers  rapidly deployable and scalable solutions for integration of business-to-business, business-to-consumer connectivity, business processes optimization and application integration. For more information, please visit


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Bruce Magown
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InterWeave Private Cloud Case Study: Trapp Online

Integration Technologies, Inc. Sees Unlimited Growth Potential with InterWeave Private Cloud for CRM Solution at Trapp Online

InterWeave Smart Solutions

“With the combination of InterWeave Smart Solutions and our customers’ applications running at Trapp Online, we have the best of both worlds. It’s one stop shopping for our customer’s needs.”

–Bruce Magown, CEO, Integration Technologies

Customer: Integration Technologies, Inc.
Web Site:
Country or Region: Northeastern U.S.
Industry: SaaS
Partner: Trapp Online

Customer Profile

With offices in New York, Connecticut and Toronto, Integration Technologies, Inc. (ITI) developed “InterWeave Smart Solutions®”, a comprehensive SaaS integration platform with solutions that connect CRM, eCommerce and financial applications in the Cloud. ITI’s complete, configurable solutions integrate today’s popular business applications—, SugarCRM, Oracle Sales Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics, Magento eCommerce, QuickBooks and dozens of other CRM, payment, and accounting products. Thousands of enterprise, SMB and non-profit organizations have relied on ITI to quickly and affordably build, deploy and maintain customized integrated CRM solutions on the Cloud. Their recently released iOffice Solution provides real-time Quote, Order, Inventory and Payments Monitoring and Management. ITI’s business model is SaaS, hosted with annual renewal.

Integration Technologies, Inc. (ITI) is experiencing greatly improved margins and increased customer satisfaction with their InterWeave Private Cloud for CRM solution hosted at Trapp Online. ITI’s customers enjoy complete, real-time application integration, increased performance, fewer connection issues and excellent high-level support on Trapp Online’s all-in-one Private Cloud infrastructure.

Business Needs

Reliable Cloud Platform

With customers moving to the Cloud, ITI needed a reliable cloud platform for its customers’ QuickBooks and other applications that would support and facilitate rapid growth. “Doubling or tripling every year is ITI’s goal, but you need a solid foundation to work from,” stated Bruce Magown, CEO, ITI. “That’s how you build a sustainable business in the SaaS world.”

In 2010 Magown explored several options for a platform to host his cloud-based integration solutions, including the five premier cloud providers. For six months ITI partnered with them to develop an integration platform without success. Frustrated, Magown found Trapp Online, who promised to have a solution in 30 days, but had it up and working in less than a week.

Problems with Multiple Platforms

Although Trapp Online was a great solution, a large share of customers’ applications still resided in-house, at ITI or on other clouds such as “We were still working with multiple platforms with technical groups who are not accustomed to the environments we work in, creating failure scenarios for clients,” stated Magown. “If I have a customer today who has connection problems with other providers, we insist the customer moves to Trapp Online, so proper support may be provided.”

Changing Business Strategy

In 2012 ITI added other CRM providers like SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics and PlanPlus Online, which created the opportunity to develop a complete Private Cloud for customers. “We changed our focus from integration to CRM management and monitoring in real time,” explained Magown. “With that approach I can offer a Private Cloud with rapid setup because we have the CRM technology, and InterWeave can connect the application with QuickBooks.”

UNIX Support

Magento Enterprise Edition and other applications ITI was integrating operated in a UNIX environment. ITI needed a cloud provider with the technical skills to support UNIX and all of their other applications.


Trapp Online Private Cloud

In February of 2013, ITI had a customer ready for the Private Cloud solution. They counted on Trapp Online’s excellent track record and skilled technicians to solve the technical issues with hosting all of the customer’s integrated applications.

“I went to Trapp Online to eliminate the setup problems and connection issues for customers,” explained Magown. “With Trapp Online you would be up and running in three days—even in 24 hours. Everything is taken care of for you if you put it all on Trapp Online’s Cloud.”


The implementation was challenging. “The UNIX environment was the difficult part,” explained Magown. “They came to that bar and they went over it, extending their skill levels to accommodate those customers. We had the target out in front of us, and we all collaborated in a timely manner to reach it.”


InterWeave Smart Solutions can now run on the same server with QuickBooks, Sage, Magento eCommerce, WordPress and other applications at Trapp Online. “I can have sub-second communication between these applications all in a Private Cloud environment with no connections—direct access,” said Magown.

“If the customer is using SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics or Oracle Sales Cloud, everything can be there. Trapp Online has the knowledge to make it work. Instead of up to four types of connections, I can be down to zero at Trapp Online. You can be sure I will be bringing more customers over.”

“Trapp Online has substantially increased support which rounds the whole thing out,” stated Magown. “We’ve got a solution that that provides seamless integration with the customers’ choice of applications in real-time; hosted and supported 24/7 in a secure environment.”


Unlimited Growth

ITI expects rapid adoption of their Private Cloud offering and straightforward implementations. “In twelve months we will have over two hundred customers using their own Private Cloud,” stated Magown. “I ask Trapp Online to put them up and there you go. That’s the benefit of working with a partner that understands CRMs and all aspects of the technology.”

“I think the Private Cloud solution takes away any restriction that was limiting our growth. Complete support, multiple applications residing on one or more servers in a Private Cloud environment at a price point that is the most competitive in the market today—I don’t think anybody can beat it.”

Improved Margins

With early Private Cloud customers, connection issues and support calls are down substantially. With costs down and excellent pricing, ITI is seeing improved margins. “Price points between ITI’s existing services and the newPrivate Cloud are approximately 50% higher with 70% less support,” stated Magown. “Just do the math.”

Increased Customer Satisfaction

With ITI’s Private Cloud, every employee, in every division can access their specific application with the right information being updated in real-time. “To the customer, that means being up in three days or less, and efficient, accurate order-taking, which results in more sales,” said Magown.

“In today’s social media-driven world, customer satisfaction is essential. Having their eCommerce, website, CRM, and financial applications all integrated on a Private Cloud is everything our customers need.”

Fast and Efficient

Private Cloud customers maximize performance and efficiency. “With InterWeave’s integration on Trapp Online cloud servers, clients receive an all-in-one solution. This creates faster syncing speeds and the highest user efficiency,” stated Reed Clarke, Director of Sales and Marketing at Trapp Online.

Complete Solution

The environment at Trapp Online gives ITI the confidence to recommend the InterWeave Private Cloud for CRMsolution to its customers. “Everything is backed up, I know their schedules, I know who’s available for support, and I know their skill level, which is why I tell prospects and customers that to make them successful, they need to move to Trapp Online. In my business if I cannot support a client correctly, I won’t take them on as a customer.”

Cloud Provider Recommendation

What would ITI tell other solution providers considering Trapp Online? “I would say look at the track record of Trapp Online’s Cloud services for other solution providers and make your own decision,” stated Magown. “The Private Cloud for CRM at Trapp Online has all the benefits there—complete security, back up, integration, managed applications and more.”

For a printable copy of this Case Study please click here.

Sage 300 Cloud Hosting

If your company could benefit from cloud hosting in a similar way to InterWeave, feel free to contact us and a Trapp Online employee will get in touch with you.

New Connector QRemote is working well

Hi Guys,

My experience with IW has been sooooo much better since you changed the connector. Night and day difference. Just wanted to let you know (although you probably figured that out since you had not heard from me, haha).


Kerry Curtis | Sales Operations Manager

Congratulations to InterWeave Smart Solutions on your acceptance as a Silver Level member of the Oracle PartnerNetwork Program!

InterWeave has been working with the Oracle Sales Cloud for over nine months, building out the Oracle Sales Cloud iOffice Solution. iOffice is the most comprehensive Quote, Order, Payment and Inventory Solution offered today. iOffce provides complete Quote, Order, Payment and Inventory status within the  Oracle Sales Cloud from eCommerce Solutions like Magento, ACH/CC Payment applications like and seamless integration with your Financial Accounting applications like QuickBooks. In addition, Payments applied can be real-time, scheduled or recurring. iOffice provides automated Order Management within your CRM connected with eCommerce Orders, Payments and QuickBooks; you now have complete Order Process in your CRM, updated every 10 seconds.

InterWeave looks forward to their partnership with Oracle.