InterWeave Smart Solutions – SugarCRM to Peachtree Integration – now on the Sugar Exchange

InterWeave Smart Solutions, a leading cloud service provider for CRM Integration, today announced that the SugarCRM_PeachTree Integration Solutions is now on the Sugar Exchange.

InterWeave Smart Solutions deliver complete configurable Solutions to integrate today’s popular business applications; you configure, test, run. An alternative to inefficient program and consultant-based approaches, our next generation web-based Solutions are powerful yet easy to use, extremely affordable, and deploy in just days.

  • Complete, pre-built integration Solutions – between “Best of Breed” applications
  • All processes, workflow logic, mapping is ready for you to configure – with a mouse and the web
  • Smart Solutions are completely configurable by the customer with picklists, drop downs or custom fields
  • Start-ups, SMB or Enterprise – select exactly the right configuration for you – modify at any time
  • Extensive portfolio of Smart Solutions waiting for you to configure
  • Complete outsource packages available – no software, no hardware, no developers, no overhead – just sign and go

The SugarCRM_Peachtrees Smart Solution provide companies:

  • Uni or bi-directional integration at object level
  • Create and update Customers, Invoices, Sales Orders, Sales Receipts, Contracts, Jobs, Estimates, etc. in Peachtree from your SugarCRM
  • All Peachtree information; Customers, Invoices, Sales Orders, etc. create or update Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities and Products in your SugarCRM
  • All Peachtree history available in your SugarCRM; purchase, payment histories, etc.
  • Configurable options allow you to change / select new integration configurations as your business changes—at object level
  • Error Management and Monitoring, Connection Monitoring, Log Viewer
  • Automatic email or IM notification if error detected

“We look forward to a long relationship with SugarCRM.” said Bruce Magown, CEO, Integration Technologies, Inc. “InterWeave Smart Solutions will continue to deliver configurable Integration Solutions to the Exchange.”

Live Demo

For a live demo of InterWeave Smart Solutions, and to learn about our special promotions, contact (800) 671-8692 x101 or


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