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Now Products/Items can be assigned to Accounts from COA in two ways – with InterWeave Smart Solutions

  1. Static assignment – when corresponding Accounts are set explicitly in Company configuration.
  2. Dynamic assignment when each Product/Item can hve a specific value of each Account from the corresponding field in CRM system.

If more then one Account is needed to create an Item – combined schema can e used as well (some Accounts assigned statically, some – dynamically).

InterWeave Smart Solutions and Custom Object Integration

The ability to select a custom object, as opposed to a standard object, is now available as a configuration option in all fourInterWeave Smart Solutions for Salesforce to QuickBooks. You can substitute custom objects vs. standard objects to build your detail in your Accounts, Opportunities and Products. You will have to connect the fields you’re looking to integrate, but access to custom objects is now configurable.

InterWeave now supports product line items or custom line items through configuration

InterWeave Smart Solutions customers can now select, through configuration, either standard Product Line Items or custom Line Items when they are building out their Opportunity detail in their Salesforce Opportunity. Configurable selections have been added in the Opportunity to Invoice, Opportunity to Sales Order and Opportunity to Sales Receipt pages to provide customers with very flexible options.

InterWeave CC Payment Gateway welcomes Moneris Merchant Service Provider

Integration Technologies announces Moneris,one of North America’s leading payment processors with more than 3 billion credit and debit card transactions a year, for over 350,000 merchant locations across North America, is now a configurable option in the InterWeave Credit Card and ACH Payment Gateway. Career Joy, Canada’s leading Career Counseling provider is deploying this in their InterWeave Salesforce_QuickBooks Smart Solution.