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BYO Playground referral for our SugarCRM_Quickbooks Smart Solution

BYO Playground was looking for a very tightly integrated solution to integrate SugarCRM to Quickbooks, bi-directionally – and reconciled in real-time.

SugarCRM to Quickbooks integration via InterWeave Smart Solutions.


* For years we were re-entering our CRM Quotes into our Quickbooks. Our account executives would spend an extraordinary amount of time re-keying account names and quote details in one system and then the other. The work was tedious, frequently toggling between two disparate systems. The process was also error-prone resulting in expensive delays. We looked at a number products that performed regular cron-like batch synchronization of data between SugarCRM and Quickbooks, but found this method slow at best. Then we discovered InterWeave Smart Solutions SugarCRM to QuickBooks integration.


* The Sugarcrm to Quickbooks Smart Solution by InterWeave saves us time and money by eliminating the need to re-key sales orders and accounts into our Quickbooks accounting system. Best of all, we have control of our data! If our processes change, we can modify our integration accordingly in a matter of a few clicks.


* A fully integrated CRM/Financial Application at a fraction of the cost, time, & risk of traditional “all-in-one” applications.
* Increased ability to deliver outstanding service to customers & prospects; information is where it needs to be; at the right time, in the right format and for the right people.

“The level of attention we received from the InterWeave team has been extraordinary. The worked with us to create the exact Solution we needed to support our business. They were patient, attentive and implemented many of the features we requested; and this is even when SugarCRM released a new version – in the middle of our implementation. The return on investment of this product exceeded our most lofty expectations.”

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