InterWeave Smart Solutions – I would give them a 10 out of 5

Randy Carter says:

Outbox Systems is a Salesforce Consulting Partner and we are well versed in Cloud Services: Salesforce Pros, Workfront Experts, Integration Gurus and Cloud Advisors. When we reviewed the Salesforce_QuickBooks requirements of our new customer – we know we needed to bring in the professionals. I contacted InterWeave and in days we were supplied with the tools and approach to get the job done. The 7 Steps document, the Salesforce_QuickBooks Survey, the Connection installation document, the Salesforce_QuickBooks Project and more – gave me what I needed to understand the architecture and data integration relationship with these Solutions. But, what I really liked was the extensive knowledge that is on tap with this company. Any question, any time, answered with thought and knowledge. I would give them a 10 out of 5.

Rest assured, you couldn’t be in better hands than with InterWeave!


 Rest assured, you couldn’t be in better hands than with Interweave!

 I have been working with computers, computer software, computer techs in both software and hardware, since 1985!!!

 InterWeave is one of the very best companies I have worked with and has the best response time to service requests I have encountered over the past – YIKES – 30 years!!!

 If there is something you want or need, Dmytro can figure out how to do it.

 I tell everyone I talk to about my experience with him makes me feel as if he can play three dimensional chess in his head!

 I may have been their very first customer and I have presented some daunting challenges – mine is a service business, not a sales business and so much had to be redesigned just to meet my particular company’s needs.

 I had just ditched a company that had a service to log all of the work into their file and just submit the financials to create invoices in QuickBooks. Their first major glitch was not to produce the invoices if one had not assigned a code to the customer’s zip code. It took me six months to recoup the money for invoices my customers didn’t receive. The following year, the invoice was produced once however, the financial information was duplicated, triplicated, quadruplicated, etc to the point where we gave handsome Christmas bonuses and purchased equipment on the basis of $130,000.00 of PHANTOM income.

The company I’d originally signed up with to sync with QB informed me that they were going out of business just three months after we launched SalesForce and told me I had two months to find a replacement.  By the time I got to InterWeave, I knew what I needed, I knew the checks and balances I required.  Dmytro created a brand new service oriented synchronicity functionality that worked for my company and has continued to work for my company for the past NINE (9) years!!!

I’ve been with InterWeave since their beginning. Between their product, and their superb tech support, InterWeave is truly one of, if not the very best, company out there.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Enjoy your vacation!

Jane Gyorgy,

Owner, DeepVac Inc. 

InterWeave Customer Payment Portal will be available shortly

InterWeave Smart Solutions announces the availability of the Customer Payment Portal.

You can now combine your Payment Gateway with your own Payment Portal where customers can register, review their outstanding charges and process their payments in the Portal in real-time. Customer Portal Registration is integrated with your CRM, as is creation of the Opportunity – which then creates a Sales Receipt in your Financial Accounting System. More information coming shortly.

InterWeave moving Sugar Sourceforge documents to GitHub

InterWeave Smart Solutions moving its Sugar Sourceforge documents (they are shutting that one down). Its off to GitHub we go,…..

Working with the InterWeave Team – Very knowledgeable and helpful

I worked with Bruce on a number of occasions through webinar to explore using InterWeave to connect our Salesforce Instance with Quickbooks. Bruce spent a great deal of time walking me through the product and even initiated a webinar with his technical developer staff member to look specifically at my Salesforce instance and the unique challenges and requirements we face. I work for a small non-profit and Bruce very generously altered his regular pricing to meet our small budget. In the end, I did not end up contracting with him, but it had nothing to do with InterWeave. Our executive team decided to go in a completely different direction with our integration. My experience with Interweave up until that decision was made was so positive that I wanted to leave a review anyway. As a result, I can’t actually comment on the finished customized product, but I have no doubt that it would have been a great solution.

Kurtis Donnelly, Young Audiences of America


InterWeave Smart Solutions – taking care of its customers

Diana Miller – Recent – Almost – Catastrophe

We recently had a problem with our QBs data file. We had to upload it to Intuit for them to ‘repair’. Two days later they returned our file. We had to contact Trapponline, our QBs host, and the folks at Interweave to collaborate on getting everything back in order. Interweave responded quickly, and after a couple of small glitches everything is up and running again. Bruce, appreciate the efforts of you and your team.

InterWeave Smart Solutions announces the Integration Migration Program for Intuit/Salesforce Integration Customers

Service Notice: Important Changes to Your Salesforce for QuickBooks Integration App

New York – September 30, 2014 – Integration Technologies, Inc. (IT), the market and technology leader in on-demand Integration Solutions, today announced the InterWeave Integration Migration Program for the Intuit/Salesforce Integration Customers whose service will be discontinued. InterWeave is the Salesforce Partner that provides Solutions like iOffice; complete Quote, Order, applied Payment and Inventory status within your Salesforce from eCommerce Solutions like Magento, ACH/CC Payment applications like and seamlessly integrates with your Financial Accounting applications like QuickBooks. In addition, Payments applied can be real-time, scheduled or recurring. iOffice provides automated order management within your Salesforce connected with eCommerce Orders, Payments and QuickBooks; you now have complete Order Processing in your CRM.

“If you haven’t seen the service announcement from Intuit and/or Salesforce regarding discontinuing the Intuit/Salesforce Integration Service, please see below, says Bruce Magown, CEO of Integration Technologies”.

Service Notice: Important Changes to Your Salesforce for QuickBooks Integration App
After much consideration, we’ve made a very difficult decision to close our Salesforce for QuickBooks Integration service. Effective December 3, 2014, the app will no longer be available and we will discontinue support. In the interim, our goal is to minimize any inconvenience as you transition to a new integration service provider.

The InterWeave Salesforce to QuickBooks Solution is currently in its 9th year of production. It integrates all standard Salesforce objects (Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Products, Cases) to all standard QuickBooks objects (Customers, Sales Orders, Sales Receipts, Invoices, Estimates, Jobs, Items) in a completely configurable environment. There are over 250 configurable options to choose from, so you may select the configuration that supports your workflow and business process; and may update it at any time during your subscription year.

InterWeave Smart Solutions are Different: 

  • Complete, pre-built integration Solutions – between “Best of Breed” applications
  • All processes, workflow logic, mapping is ready for you to configure – with a mouse and the web
  • Smart Solutions are completely configurable by the customer with pick lists, drop downs and custom fields
  • Start-ups, SMB or Enterprise – select exactly the right type of configuration model for you – modify at any time
  • Extensive portfolio of Smart Solutions waiting for you to configure
  • Complete outsource packages available – no software, no hardware, no developers, no overhead – just sign and go

“Regarding the Integration Migration Program, InterWeave has prepared a series of steps to utilize your existing custom Sections and Fields in your Salesforce, and then assist you in defining your configurable Solution – to your exact specifications. Additionally, we have hosting providers for your QuickBooks, so all you Solutions run in the Cloud, we appropriate Vendor Support.

“Regarding our Smart Solutions, you don’t need to be a technical resource, analyst or developer. We supply the Smart Solution, the servers, the solution specialist personnel, but most important; we supply the application knowledge at a process, data and technical level through years of working with them – in configurable form.” Said Bruce Magown, CEO of Integration Technologies, Inc. This is available today. There are a variety of InterWeave Smart Solutions available; from CRM, Financial, ERP, eCommerce, Billing, to complete Quote and Order Management in iOffice. Contact us at 203 274 5226, email or go to for more information.

About Integration Technologies, Inc.

Integration Technologies is a pioneer in the development of Smart Solutions for uniting systems, legacy applications, databases, workflow’s, and Web services, from within and across the enterprise as a service; and then extends those systems to connect with their suppliers and customers. As a leading Systems Integration solution, Integration Technologies InterWeave Smart Solutions offer a rapidly deployable and infinitely scalable Solutions for integration of business-to-business, business-to-consumer connectivity, business processes optimization and application integration. For more information, please visit

For more information

For more information, please visit


Bruce Magown
Phone: 203-274-5226
Fax: 801-439-3476

# # #

InterWeave and InterWeave Smart Solutions are a registered trademark of Integration Technologies, Inc., Salesforce, QuickBooks are trademarks of their respective owners.

“InterWeave cuts my workload by one third. Their Salesforce/QuickBooks integration has made it possible for FRB to continue to grow and take in more funds without worrying about how to process it all.”

With limited resources, Foods Resource Bank (FRB) relies heavily on volunteers and part-time employees to achieve its mission of raising money to help people in developing countries grow their own food. Greater operational efficiency means they can do more.

“Four years ago we were using a cumbersome accounting program which couldn’t track contacts or donations from overseas,” stated Lori O’Neil, financial coordinator. “We needed a more robust solution.”

Salesforce/QuickBooks Integration

FRB started looking at QuickBooks and Salesforce but realized they needed integration between the two programs to avoid duplicate data entry. “I wanted to input in one place and have it seamlessly appear in another,” stated O’Neil. “Someone I spoke to about Salesforce recommended InterWeave as a reliable integration solution.”

O’Neil contacted Bruce Magown, CEO at InterWeave. “He certainly knew what he was talking about and how to get it done,” stated O’Neil. “The cost seemed exceptionally reasonable and I trusted the recommendation.”

The implementation was simple and easy. “I gave them access to Salesforce and QuickBooks to map the fields,” explained O’Neil. “It was a quick and painless process for InterWeave to make it operational. I didn’t do anything.”

The InterWeave integration runs smoothly at regular intervals to transfer new contacts and donations. “It continues to not take my time,” stated O’Neil. “Bruce has a very confident staff, but I can easily run it on my own.”

In 2013, with a recommendation from InterWeave, FRB switched their QuickBooks hosting to Trapp Online.  Processing is more reliable and faster, and they save $3,000 per year on hosting “That’s a lot of money for FRB,” stated O’Neil.”

Responsive Support

Support is excellent and fast. “If you do need them the response is fairly immediate,” explained O’Neil. And, they certainly know their job.” InterWeave’s CEO is also quite accessible. “Bruce is very professional and responsive!” continued O’Neil. “I get an immediate response from him, all the time.”

Saves 5-8 Hours per Week

O’Neil does the majority of the work for FRB at home in the evenings and on weekends. “I spend one quarter to one third of my time inputting donations,” stated O’Neil. “Without InterWeave that time would double, adding 5-8 hours per week. I don’t have that much time!”

Efficiency and Confidence

The vast majority of FRB’s donations are received from mid-November to mid-January. “I couldn’t imagine how we’d be able to handle the workload without InterWeave unless we hired more staff,” related O’Neil. “That’s not what we need. Every dollar we save on operations can be spent on supporting people growing their own food.”

O’Neil processes an increasing number of donations with maximum efficiency. “There are days I can get a huge amount of donations,” explained O’Neil. “Once it gets into Salesforce I know it’s taken care of.”

“I grew up in this town. I still come back because what FRB does is worth my time,” summarized O’Neil. “Without InterWeave I wouldn’t be able to help them.”

Lori O’Neil, Financial Coordinator, Foods Resource Bank

Marc Soloway – InterWeave is the ONLY solution to integrate salesforce and Quickbooks

InterWeave is the ONLY solution to integrate salesforce and Quickbooks. We run a baby products business since its inception in January of 2013. We were referred to InterWeave through our salesforce consultant, MK Partners as the company to use to integrate Salesforce with Quickbooks. We could not be more happy with that referral.

From the beginning, InterWeave worked with our consultant and us to make the integration go smoothly. The team we worked with at InterWeave are extremely knowledgeable and very patient with clients and their learning curve to be taught how it all works. In actuality, it is very simple and that is because of how good they are.

Just recently, we upgraded to the latest version of Quickbooks and I did not realize that I needed to let InterWeave know. After I realized Quickbooks was not recording transactions, I contacted InterWeave and they had it linked back up within hours as well as was able to add in the transactions that were not recorded. This was a mistake I made and they still jumped to get it done. It is very rare you find companies that would do that for a mistake they make, let alone a mistake not caused by them.

I would HIGHLY recommend InterWeave! Please contact me if you are interested in using them.

InterWeave Smart Solutions – Multiple Sleep Windows for QuickBooks Solutions now Supported

InterWeave is proud to announce special (extended sleep) modes for running QuickBooks scheduled flows. New features include:

  1. Multiple sleep windows are now supported.
  2. Every flow run happens at exact time even if some flow runs are longer than interval between runs (in that case some overlapped runs will be skipped).
  3. Flow run is limited by 1 hour.

The special extended sleep mode allows customers who are running other integration Solutions with their QuickBooks to set specific times when their InterWeave QuickBooks Solution will be running over a 24 hour time period. InterWeave = No conflict with other Solutions.

A first in the industry.


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